Lucky Cats

An image shows four cute Japanese Lucky Cats. Lucky Cat is a symbol of luck from Japanese and Chinese cultures.

What is 

Lucky Cat?

Lucky Cat (Maneki Neko) is very popular in Japanese and Chinese cultures. It is a talisman that is believed to attract good luck and fortune for its owners. Thus, it’s very common to find a lucky cat on display in stores, restaurants and other businesses. 

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How to choose your Lucky Cat?

The Lucky Cat comes in various colors, each representing different forms of luck and fortune: 

White: Symbolizes purity and happiness, believed to attract overall good fortune and positive energy to the household.

Black: Wards off evil spirits and offers protection, making it a popular choice for personal safety and security.

The paw positioning of the Lucky Cat adds an extra layer of meaning to these charming figurines: 

Lucky Cat with Left Paw Up

Attracts customers and clients, making it an excellent choice for businesses seeking increased sales.

Lucky Cat with Both Paws Up

Ensures protection and happiness, symbolizing a well-rounded sense of prosperity.

Lucky Cat with Right Paw Up

Invites wealth and good fortune, making it a popular choice for businesses and homes alike.

Placing Your Lucky Cat

To maximize the positive effects of your Maneki Neko, consider these placement tips:

  1. Entrance: Positioning your Lucky Cat near the entrance of your home or business welcomes good luck and invites prosperity to enter.

  2. Business Space: If you’re a business owner, placing a Lucky Cat near the cash register or entrance can attract customers and increase profits.

  3. Home Office: For those working from home, a Lucky Cat on your desk can promote success and productivity.

  4. Living Room: Adding a Lucky Cat to your living room not only enhances your decor but also brings a sense of joy and fortune to your shared space.

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