Bedding & Interior

Inspired by global trends and latest fashion, Casablanca’s bedding series reinterpret a trendy touch of neoclassicism, drawn into a concise European furnishing style.

As a perfect combination of Italian’s gorgeous fashion and architectural design, it deduces the European feeling and elegancy, infused a sense of aristocratic style into your bedroom.

Defines the green lifestyle with the exclusive 5A functions of air purification, anti-mold, anti-mite, anti-bacteria and anti-odor in beddings.


Characters Bedding Sets

B.Duck Bedding Set
B.Duck Bedding Set
B.Duck Bedding Set
Spider-man Bedding Set
Shiba Bedding Set
Shiba Bedding Set
Shiba Bedding Set
Pikachu Bedding Set

Fitted Sheet Set & Quilt Cover

Super Soft Comforter

Health Pillow

Buckwheat Health Pillow
Bamboo Charcoal Health Pillow
Feather Velvet Pillow
Lavender Health Pillow
Zero Pressure Memory Pillow 
Zero Gravity Memory Pillow
Memory Foam Happy Pillow
Memory Foam Health Pillow

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